Start from the TIP

It all begins… again!

I’ve failed. This is my confession. Let me start from the tip…

Like many other bloggers, I have started and stopped and started again with blogging. But it’s not just blogging – I’m very good at overcommitting myself to loads of projects, then falling in a heap when I can’t execute any of them well and they fail. Can anyone else relate? I’m sure you can.

I was trying to run Easy Nail Art as a side-piece to my original Instagram because I was scared of changing my IG username. Also, I wanted to start a YouTube and I was scared of the judgement. I’ve been considering consolidating them for a while, because it’s just too hard running all these things, and recently I just did it. I bit the bullet and I changed my IG username, and decided people will judge me regardless so just do the thing. If it’s successful then I win – if it’s not, I’ve lost nothing.

(it also helped that my Instagram follower count has done nothing but fluctuate between 2,138-2,142 followers for months now. No growth for me, I guess?)

One of my failures from overcommitting was starting a TikTok. Now, I ended up with 3 accounts at one point. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE TikTok. I actually love it way too much that I’ve had to step away – usually I can catch myself spending too much time on Instagram, but I can waste hours on TikTok no problem. I’d started a “series” on TikTok called ‘Nail Art For N00bs’ which I posted here as well, and it got next to no traction. Genuinely, I thought I was pretty genius but TikTok disagreed. The failure embarassed me and I didn’t post it on Instagram.

But I really liked the idea, maybe the execution was just poor. So, I’m hoping to re-vamp it. Including a name that’s less stupid.

I call it… Start From The Tip!

Start From The Tip is going to be quick, bite-sized pieces of information regarding nail art and nail care. These tips will help you upgrade your DIY manicure game with simple, beginner-friendly tips you can implement for your at-home manicure.

What do you think of the name? It’s not permanent; I’m prepared to play around with it. But I’d really love your feedback! And thank you, if you’ve read this far.

Stay tuned!

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