How to use nail art stickers

In this post you will learn how to use nail art stickers (also called nail art decals) for quick and easy nail art.

The stickers I’ll be using are called Embellishments and they’re from Sistaco. For ease of reference, I will be using the word ‘sticker’, ‘decal’ and ’embellishment’ interchangeably throughout this post.

Full disclosure: these stickers were sent to me by Sistaco and I was paid to create the video using these stickers. I was not paid to create this blog post.

A hand showing nails with pink nail polish and gold and white embellishment nail art stickers. The pink shade is called Bloom and the stickers are designs from the pack When In Paris, both from Sistaco
Embellishment nail art stickers from Sistaco

What Are Nail Stickers?

Ok, so first let’s have a look at what nail stickers are and why do we want to use them? If you’re anything like me then you’re pretty rubbish at freehand nail art. I wish I was as talented as the professionals but it’s just not the case. That’s where nail decals come in. They are thin decals which can be applied over nail polish to add extra art to your nail design. The designs of the decals can be really minimalist to super intricate. They can be just straight lines, dots or basic shapes, or they can be intricate butterflies or flowers that look almost like a photograph.

Nail Art Stickers vs Nail Wraps?

What about nail wraps, are they the same thing? No, they’re not. Nail wraps are designed to cover the entire nail so you don’t apply any nail polish. Nail wraps (sometimes referred to as nail decals – confusing, I know!) are designed to replace nail polish completely – they have the nail art already printed on them, whereas stickers are designed to enhance nail polish, and work together with nail polish.

How Do I Pick Them Up?

The best way to pick up nail stickers is with tweezers. Failing that, you can bend the sheet of stickers and kind of roll the sticker off. You can use your fingernail but you will run the risk of damaging the sticker.

Sistaco embellishment nail art stickers When In Paris - different pink, gold and white designs
Sistaco embellishment nail art stickers When In Paris

Watch It

Where Do I Put The Sticker?

Once you’ve picked up the sticker, place it straight onto the nail. This will be the most difficult part of all, as you’ll need to get your placement right the first time – once it’s on the nail, even if it’s only stuck in one part that’s it. If you try to pull it off or move it now it most likely will rip the nail polish underneath, so only place once you’ve committed.

Stickers On, Now What?

Now it’s time to finish everything with a top coat! Whether you’re using a gel top coat or a regular top coat it doesn’t matter, apply it straight over the entire nail as you would normally. If the stickers are very thick you might need two coats of top coat, but don’t apply just to the sticker – if you do that it will come out very uneven.

A hand showing a thumb nail with pink nail polish and a gold and white embellishment nail art sticker. The pink shade is called Bloom and the sticker is a design from the pack When In Paris, both from Sistaco
Embellishment nail art sticker from the pack When In Paris by Sistaco

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the nail art stickers I’ve used in this post here – When In Paris from Sistaco. You can purchase the powders from Sistaco here – the shade I’ve used is Bloom. Don’t forget to use code ‘nailsunchained’ for a discount – this is an affiliate code, and I may receive a small commission which helps support this site.

Now that you know how to use nail art decals, why don’t you learn how to make the most of your nail polish? Read this post on how to use 1 nail polish color in 3 different ways!

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