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Nail Art For N00bs – What Is Crelly Polish?

Welcome to Nail Art For N00bs, a series where I explain the different components of nail art. Last episode I answered the question ‘What is jelly nail polish?

I’m Bec and if you’re new here, welcome. This is a space for beginner nail art, nail polish and nail care. Follow to join in the fun and hit me with your questions below.

What Is Crelly Nail Polish?

Crelly nail polish (my favourite kinda of nail polish!) means a mixture between cream nail polish and a jelly nail polish. So, it’s less opaque than a cream but more opaque than jelly.

Crelly nail polish contains different types of glitter. It’s sheer enough that you can still see the glitter through the polish after a couple of coats. Watch the video below to see a gorgeous example of a crelly nail polish.

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