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How to grow nails quickly

Ever wondered about the health of your nails? Are your nails weak, brittle or peeling? In this post I will discuss how to get healthy nails, and how to grow nails quickly.

A picture of a hand with plain nails - www.instagram.com/nailsunchained

I’ve always had nails that grow very quickly. Long, strong nails. All my life people have said to me, “wow your nails are so long & strong! How?!” Let me tell you.

Now I must preface this with, I’ve always been blessed with healthy, strong nails. I do have some ridges, but after learning as much as I can about nail health and doing lots of experimenting on myself, I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t matter. In my experience, ridged nails don’t really mean anything.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The first thing you must know is that you need to keep your nails hydrated to grow nails quickly. After I started posting my nail art on Instagram, I of course received even more praise for my nails which were quite long at the time. I heard about this thing called cuticle oil and I bought some. I loved it! It kept my nails hydrated and healthy, and they virtually shot out of my fingers. They grew so quick!

Cuticle oil? Balm? Moisturiser?

Cuticle oil is something you can use frequently – in fact, the more often you use it, the better! I start with cuticle oil and then “seal” it in with moisturiser. I recently moved to an area and the water is the most drying I have ever experienced in my life! If you suffer with this like I do, or you are experiencing stubborn dryness for whatever reason, invest in a cuticle balm. It’s like a really thick moisturiser, and it’s good to apply it when you have a stretch of time you know you won’t be using your hands, like sleeping, or watching tv – after snacks though! Hydrated nails will grow much quicker than dry nails.

What should I look for?

For me, organic is important. Skin is the largest organ we have and I’m not keen on putting a bunch of chemicals on it if I don’t know what they are. That might not be important to you and that’s ok, but I find generally that if something is marketed as organic then it’s usually got lesser nasty chemicals in it (but not always!). It will also mean that you’ll have a much shorter shelf life, but I’m ok with that. Personally I look for products that are also vegan and cruelty free – again, your choice. However if you are the same, you’ll want to stay away from balms as they will often contain beeswax.

You’ll also want a cuticle oil that is high in Vitamin E. This is the emolient ingredient, and that means the part that makes it soak in to your skin quickly (or not). Additionally, if you’re allergic to nuts be careful – often cuticle oil contains either coconut oil, sweet almond oil or some other nut oil.


Experiment on yourself! Try using just cuticle oil for 2 weeks and see how quickly your nails grow (or not!). Then, see if your nails grow any quicker by using cuticle oil and moisturiser. And so on.

The health of your nails is much more important than growing your nails quickly – once you have a healthy base, it won’t matter how often you cut your nails.

Remove cuticles?!

Now that you’ve learnt about growing your nails quickly, are you ready to learn more about nail & cuticle health? Watch the video below, or see my top 5 nailcare & handcare products of 2022!

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