A picture of a hand in front of a white slatted background showing the teal coloured nail polish that was a Lucky Dip from Gracefull Nail Polish

2022 Polish Favorites Round Up

It’s the end of the year and time for a 2022 polish favorites round up! As the year comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about my favorite polishes released in 2022. And I knew I had to share them with you!

Now I will preface this with, I don’t often buy nail polish when it first comes out. So it’s not often I have a new release. When I do buy nail polish, it’s usually towards the end of the year when it’s a little bit cheaper and I can make a bulk purchase in either Black Friday or Boxing Day sales. So I figured I should bulk out my list a little with some other polishes I’ve loved this year that weren’t necessarily released this year.

The List…

… in no particular order

1. Empire Of Trust by Emily de Molly

an image of a hand with a grass background in direct sunlight, showing the burgundy nail polish Empire of Trust from Emily de Molly, which contains reflective glitters
Empire of Trust by Emily de Molly in direct sunlight

    2022 has been The Year of Reflective Glitter! There’s not often a new and exciting finish in the polish world, but reflective glitter has arguably been the biggest thing since the Black to Red Multichrome pigment came out. It’s also been incredibly divisive in the polish world! You either love reflective glitter, or you hate it. Personally, I love it and have absolutely no problems with the textured finish.

    A picture of a hand showing the burgundy nail polish Empire of Trust by Emily de Molly which contains reflective glitter
    Empire of Trust by Emily de Molly without top coat

    My first reflective glitter polish purchase was LE310 by Emily de Molly because 1. reflective glitter and 2. green. But Empire Of Trust is one of those combinations of shade & finish that I have been thinking about since I saw it released, and didn’t pull the trigger of purchasing until Black Friday sales. It’s only been in my posession for a couple of weeks maybe, and only worn for a couple of hours prior to posting this, but I knew it would make the list. I love the shade, the neutrality of it, the glittery-sparkliness of it, I love everything about it. It’s almost the perfect polish. I want to wear it forever and never take it off (words that have been spoken by me before!). You can find Empire Of Trust by Emily de Molly here.

    2. Just Keep Blooming by Painted Polish

    This pick of my 2022 polish favorites was definitely a FOMO polish for me. I don’t usually keep up to date with Polish Pick Up because of FOMO – the shipping and exchange rate to Australia are just horrendous (even with a group buy) so I would rather not know what I’m missing out on. Plus, by the time a polish gets here I’ve often opened it and thought, why did I buy this? Anyway, that aside, I saw this polish get released in February and hummed and haaa’d about it and ultimately didn’t get it. Then I thought about it so often. I was terribly sad that I missed it, just this one polish. Luckily for me, it came back in a re-release and I made sure I didn’t miss out this time! It was worth it!

    A picture of a hand showing the nail polish Just Keep Blooming by Painted Polish, which is a grey-teal base shade with pink glitter
    Just Keep Blooming by Painted Polish

    Again, it’s the perfect combination of shade & my LORD how I am taken with pink metallic flakes! I want them in everything! But as this combination isn’t something you don’t often see, I’m super happy I ended up with a bottle. (Should have bought two, perhaps?)

    Now, you can’t buy this polish anymore. HOWEVER – fear not. You can recreate this polish. Trust me, I’ve done it. You’ll need:

    1. A teal / mint type of shade – I recommend something along the lines of ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Buddy Bands by Loud Lacquer* or ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Transcend The Trend by Essie* (*= affiliate link)
    2. A pink flake topper – Empress by ILNP is perfect

    3. Mystery polish by Gracefull Nail Polish

    I’m sorry to be annoying and list another of my 2022 polish favorites you can’t buy but again I have a similar one for you! I also just wanted to be honest. Now, for full transparancy I don’t think this was created in 2022 but I received it then, and no one is checking anyway, really.

    A picture of a hand in front of a white slatted background showing the teal coloured nail polish that was a Lucky Dip from Gracefull Nail Polish
    Gracefull Nail Polish Lucky Dip

    I bought this polish as a lucky dip in a sale Gracefull held. At the time I didn’t realise that lucky dip polishes are unreleased, prototype polishes – so if you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend trying it out. I bought 3 in the hopes that I wouldn’t get any purples – unfortunately, 2 of them were purple.

    However, the third was this gorgeous light blue with a shimmer throughout. Now, I don’t have anything against blue – I quite like the colour – but I just don’t ever find myself reaching for it, in any aspect of my life. I don’t really wear blue clothes, I don’t seek out blue polishes, not for any particular reason – I just like other colours much more. Anyway, that’s a very long-winded way of saying I was not expecting to like this polish, but I love it! This shade is so stunning, I couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t buy everything like it! It just glows.

    Now, you *can* actually buy something very, very similar and this is Fairy Buds by Gracefull Nail Polish. I suggest you run out and buy it as soon as you can because I think it’s been discontinued and there aren’t many left.

    Go forth & create!

    Now that you know MY 2022 polish favourites, why don’t you grab yours and try some different types of nail art with this post – 1 color 3 ways? Or, if you’ve got some shopping to do now *wink* you can grab the downloadable shopping list for nail art essentials here.

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